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UC Santa Barbara is home to a unique IGERT award from the National Science Foundation on interdisciplinary education and training of graduate students in network science. Faculty and students from seven departments across the campus (Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sociology, Biology, Geography, and Communication) are involved in this effort. The program prepares students to engineer and control large networks, measure and predict the dynamics of networks, design algorithms to operate at scales of millions and billions of entities, make such networks robust, and develop new scientific hypotheses and principles about networks. UCSB has the experience in relevant interdisciplinary programs to create a cohort of PhD students who understand Network Science not from a single viewpoint, but from a unified perspective that is essential for continued success and career growth in the increasingly network-centric world. There is growing demand for such a trained interdisciplinary workforce from multiple domains of science, commerce, and national security, e.g., analysis of gene networks to find new therapies, intervention strategies in social networks to counter the spread of misinformation, and discovery of clandestine terrorism activity.




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