Data Science ULA Applications, Winter 2024

We are now accepting applications for Learning Assistants for the CS Department for Winter 2024 at
Please respond ASAP; to be sure your application is considered, please apply no later than Midnight, Wednesday, November 15. 

Applications that arrive after that deadline may be considered if time permits and positions are still available, but are not guaranteed to be reviewed.

First time LA applicants must:
  • prepare a teaching demo video as described below (see the PS).
  • commit to 5 one-hour training sessions (this is a campus and departmental requirement; these are paid hours.)
  • for Winter 2024, these will be held 1pm-1:50pm Fridays.
For returning LAs, a video is not required, but if you have one, it is helpful if you include it, especially if you are applying for a course where the instructor may not be familiar with your work (you may reuse an old one.)  Returning LAs are also not required to participate in the LA training.
Who is eligible?

Students from all majors are invited to apply. We take major into account and prefer to offer positions to CS, CE, and Computing majors, but major is only one of several factors.  Preference is given to students that demonstrate a sincere interest in helping other students succeed, in addition to developing their own skills.  

We require a minimum GPA of 3.0 (cumulative as well as Lower-Division and Upper-Division coursework). Applicants should also have a clean record in terms of academic integrity.

Information for first time LA applicants
The information in this section applies only to applicants that have not served as an LA for the CS department previously.
Any LAs that are hired for the first time during W24 will be required to participate in 5 required training sessions on Fridays 1pm-1:50pm. These will be paid hours. 
Students that have previously taken LA training from the CS department do not need to take this training again. For all other applicants, it is a requirement; a W24 course conflict on Fridays 1-1:50pm would make you ineligible to be hired as a new LA in W24.  
In addition, applicants that have not previously served as an LA for the CS department should prepare a five minute video containing a teaching demo.  Instructions/Guidelines for preparing your video appear here.
(Information prepared by Professors Phill Conrad and Ziad Matni, Co-Directors, CS Department LA program.)
Photo by Elena Zhukova, dowloaded from the UC Santa Barbara Digital Asset Library