Data Science Capstone

Course Description: 

In the first quarter of this three-course sequence, students will study data science from the systems engineering perspective, introduce and address a variety of ethical issues that arise in data science projects, and engage students in project-based learning through a series of carefully selected and curated data science studies. A major overarching goal is to prepare students to make a positive impact on the world with data-intensive methodologies. In line with this, we will study fairness, ethics, and responsible data practice. Another major focus will be on correctly interpreting, explaining, and communicating the results of analyses. This component of the course will focus on decision making under uncertainty, the role of correlation and causation, and drawing attention to common statistical traps and paradoxes that drive erroneous conclusions. 

In the second and third quarters, students form teams and collaborate with industry partners and research labs. Example course and project information can be found at



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Additional Information: 

Students should have a background in computing and statistics before enrolling in capstone. Suggested preparatory courses are PSTAT 120, PSTAT 100, PSTAT 131, PSTAT 126, COMPSC 130A.

This course is listed concurrently as CMPSC 190DD and PSTAT 197A.

Course Level: 

  • Undergraduate

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Course Time: 

Fall 2022

Tues + Thurs 2-315 pm in ELLISON 2617
Lab 1: Wed 2-250 am in GIRV 2015
Lab 2: Wed 3-350 am in GIRV 2016
Lab 3: Wed 4-450 am in GIRV 1106


Fall 2021
Mon + Wed 2-315 pm in HSSB 1173
Lab 1: Wed 10-1050 am in KERR 2166B
Lab 2: Wed 5-550 pm in PHELPS 2536